So much news!!! We're OPEN

by Julia Ziobro

The Dory Dozens Market is open here in Central City, Colorado! In two days, we've had about a dozen customers and six or seven visitors, and we hope those numbers will pick up as people discover us at 430 Lawrence Street where the Mountain City Kitchen used to be. For a first-day walkthrough, go here:

And we are fundraising on the Kiva microloan site to buy our commercial range and to get through some of the very expensive permitting processes. Any money you contribute to the campaign is a LOAN and we will pay it back to you monthly over a three-year period.

Here's the link you need for Kiva The site is very easy to use and it's safe - I've been making small loans to women all over the world since October 2007 using

The mail order business from this site is going well and in a week, we have fulfilled seven orders. I'm glad I remember how to pack the jam so it won't break and Shopify is pretty easy to use. If you're in Colorado but the Market is not convenient, you can place an order on the site here and if you're close enough, we'll deliver!