Please order by December 13 for Christmas delivery!

USPS has set the deadline for Christmas shipping and we will do our best to meet those deadlines if you order by December 13! We will ship after that, of course, but can't make timeliness guarantees unless you pay for express shipping which gets pretty silly with heavy products like jam and honey. :-) We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and thank you for your continued patronage.

Lots of new products

This has been an incredible year for Colorado's wild plums and we've got them prepared several different ways. Try them, they are awesome! We tried hawthorn berry jelly this fall. You've probably never had that, but with no seasonings added, it tastes a bit like old-fashioned spicy apples. MMMMmmm.

We also discovered some other new favorites, especially banana butter, and we have replenished some of the standbys like sweet and spicy bourbon mustard and Kentucky bar fight jam.

If there's something I used to make that you love but don't see on the website, message me. If I can find the fruit at a reasonable price, I'm happy to make it for you again. Keep in mind though that much of what makes my products special is that I make it with PERFECTLY ripe fruit, which can get scarce as we move into fall and winter. Thanks for your understanding.

Fresh from our farm

We live and farm in mid-Gilpin County, bringing fresh high-altitude goodness to you


We use only the best, in-season fruit and vegetables, and we buy local whenever possible.