We have a new location!

by Julia Ziobro

On March 1, 2022, we will take possession of the former Mountain City Kitchen in Central City at 430 Lawrence Street. We will be working on the space for a few weeks first, but then expect to be able to open a retail space that will feature all of our products, farm-fresh duck and chicken eggs (and goose eggs, on lucky days!), hard-boiled eggs, milk, bacon, butter, gluten-free and regular bread, and fresh fruit. We aim to be your go-to local shop for breakfast!

We will also be using the commercial kitchen in this location to prepare all of our products, and will ship mail orders from it as well.

And who doesn't dream of running a restaurant? We know better, but we might still do a Saturday night dinner or Sunday breakfast or two each month - watch our Facebook page for notification as it will be for a single 20-cover seating when we do it.